English 103 // Class Blog Requirements


            This semester, our class will be discussing a number of different issues together about what it means to be a better writer as well as what it means to be a participating member of American society.  Much of this discussion will occur in the classroom, as we read and discuss together the selections assigned in our textbooks.  However, we will also make use of tools available online through a public blog to open up new possibilities and extend our dialogue with one another and with the outside world.  The blog will also afford us opportunities to talk about the “ins and outs” of writing in electronic environments like blogs (e.g. Livejournal, Myspace, Facebook, etc.).

            You will form groups (seven groups of three members and one group of four) that will be responsible for posting three original discussion threads on the class blog during the course of the semester.  As participating members of this class you will each be required to make regular response posts within those threads.  You are encouraged to post as frequently as you wish; however, the minimum requirements will be as follows:

·         Each week, two groups will be responsible to begin original discussion threads based either on material encountered in the assigned textbook readings or on issues that are raised during class which warrant further discussion.  These posts may be made at any time on the Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday of each week.  Each group will be assigned three weeks over the course of the semester for which they will be responsible.

·         Class members in groups not responsible for beginning discussion threads for a particular week will be required to post at least one time during that week, participating in the discussions online as they unfold. 

·         You will not receive a grade for your posts, nor will you be evaluated based on grammar, length, or other guidelines.  Rather, you will simply be given credit for each week that you meet the assigned posting requirements.  Keep in mind, however, that only serious blog post attempts will receive credit.

Due to the public nature of blogs, privacy and anonymity are often important issues.  For this blog (which will be publically accessible), you will be asked to choose a unique and anonymous display name under which your posts will be written.  You will be asked to not share this display name with anyone else in the class except me, your instructor.  In your responses to one another on the blog, you should refer to one another only by the display names used on the blog.  Class members may “figure out” who is who on the blog, but this information should not be made explicit, nor should it be shared with anyone in the class or outside the class.

Above all, this blog should be an opportunity for you to become familiar with the many possibilities available to you for engaging in the world around you through writing.  Exploit this opportunity to its fullest!  Please fill out the form on page two of this handout and return it to me as soon as possible.


In order for you to participate in the class blog, you need to provide an email address through which you can be “invited” to the blog as an author by me, the blog administrator.  Please give me your name, an email address you check frequently, and the names of each member in your blogging group.  After accepting your invitation to become a blog author, you will be asked to set up an account with Blogger, and you will choose an anonymous display name.  Once you have created an account and chosen a display name, you will be able to post to your heart’s content!  Be sure to look over your account profile settings to ensure privacy!





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